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ShalimarشاليمارBeautiful & Strong
ShamaailahشمالهGood qualities, virtues, excellencies, talents, dispositions, customs, northerly winds or regions.
ShamaamahشمامةThe fragrance of scent, perfume.
ShamailشميلVirtues, pl. of Shamila.
ShamailahشمائلهGood traits excellent disposition
ShameelaشميلةNatural disposition
ShameelahشميلةGood quality, virtue, excellence, talent, disposition, custom, northerly winds or regions.
ShameemahشميمةA fragrant breeze
ShamikhشاميخHigh, lofty, towering.
ShamilaشاملةOne of friendly and likable nature
ShamilahشاملهComplete, comprehensive
ShamimaشميمFragrant breeze
ShamiraشاميرExperienced, expert
ShamisشاميسThe sun

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