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ManaraمنارةFem. of Manar: light-house.
MandalمندلFragrant wood.
ManfoosahمنفصةShe was the daughter of Abu Yazid bin Abu al-Firwaris
MannماننGift, present, favour
MannanaمنناBountiful, generous
MansooraمنصورAssisted, victorious
MansurahمنصورهSupporter, victorious
ManzooraمنظورةApproved of, chosen
MaqboolaمقبولةAccepted, admitted, granted
MaqboolahمقبولهA noted woman of the past had this name
MaqsoodaمقصودةIntended, destined.
MarabمارابWish, desire, purpose, use
MarahمرهHappiness, joy
Maram maraamAspiration
MardhiahمرضيهOne who is loved and respected by all
MareeraمريرةStrong, Powerful, Rope

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