Muslim boys names starting with a


Find all the Muslims Islamic Names with meanings for boys Alphabet beginning from ' a '


AbidعبيدWorshipper, adorer
AbidinأبيضينWorshippers, adorers
AbidullahعبدللهWorshipper of Allah.
AbirعبيرAroma, Strong
AbisaliبيصليWarrior in Islam
AbradابرادHail, Mail
AbramابرامNeed, stong grip.
AbrarابرارPl. of Birr, obedience, gift.
AbrashأبراشSpotted, Speckled
AbrazابرازShow, unfolded divulged myst
AbreeqأبريقGlittering sword.
AbsarأبصرPl. of Basar, vision, sight.
AbsatأبسطWide, vast, spacious.
AbshamبشمA tree which has scent.
AbsiعبسيProbably from ABASA to frown
AbteenأبطنFather of Faridoon (a king).
AbthiعبثيOne who lives in Abtah, a place near Makkah

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