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TaaibahتايبهOne who refrains from evil-doings, repentant.
TaaliahتاليهLucky, fortunate, fortune
TaallufتالفHarmony, Intimacy, Mutual Affection
TaaqulتقولWise thought.
TaaseesتاسيسInception, foundation.
TabahhujتبهجBe glad, Cheerful
TabahhurتبهرLike the river, Profoundly learned, Deep
TabalahتبالهShe was a narrator of Hadith
TabanaتبنىBright moonlight.
TabasummتبسمSweet smile
TabeedahتعبدهComplex, zigzag, curling.
TabeerتعبيرResult of deeds.
TabinaتبيناEnlighting, sparkling.
TabindaتبينداBright, shining

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