Muslim boys names starting with z


Find all the Muslims Islamic Names with meanings for boys Alphabet beginning from ' z '


Zaynزاينbeauty, grace in Arabic.
ZaynulabidinزاينولابيدينOrnament of the worshipers (of Allah), Best of the worshipers (of Allah)
ZaytoonزيتونOlive (Tree/fruit).
ZebadiyahزبديهAllahs gift
ZeebaqزيبقMercury, silver.
ZeeshanزشاA high standard
ZehnزيهنWit, ability, Ingenuity, Intellect
ZgardزجاردWithout Fear.
Zhaahirزهيهر(Zaahir), Apparent, evident , One of the attributesof Allah Almighty.
ZhobinذهبنKind of spear.
ZiadزيادVariant transcription of ZIYAD
Ziad ziyadSuper abundance
ZiadorziyadزيادورزييادSuper abundance
ZiaudزيادSplendor, light
ZiauddinزدنLight of the religion
ZihniذهنيIntellectual, cerebral.
ZikrزيكرAnother name for the Quran, reminder

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