Muslim girls names starting with m

Find all the Muslims Islamic Names with meanings for girls Alphabet beginning from ' m '


MurihaمريحةRestful, soothing.
MurjanahمرجانهSmall pearl
MurshidaمرشدةLeader, guide, adviser
MusaddasمسدسA poem of six verses.
MusaddiqaمصادقةOne who affirms the truth.
MusaddiqahمصدقهOne who affirms the Truth
MusaratمساراتHapiness, Pleasure, Delight
MusaykahموسيقاهShe narrated hadith from Sayyidina Ayshah
MusfirahمسفرهBright Face
MushahidaمشاهدةObservance, evidence, study.
MusharrafaمشرفةHonoured, elevated.
MusheeraمشيراGiving counsel
MushiraمشيراCounsellor, adviser
MushirahمشيرةGiving counsel, advising
Mushirah musheeraGiving counsel, advising

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