Muslim boys names starting with m


Find all the Muslims Islamic Names with meanings for boys Alphabet beginning from ' m '


MuharrimمحرمAnother Name For Prophet Muhamm
MuhazzabمهذبPolite, courteous, well-mann
MuhdeeمهديOne who presents
MuheetمحيطThat which embraces all round
MuhibموهيبNoble, respected
MuhibuddinمحبذنFriend of the religion (Islam).
MuhibullahمهبولهFriend of Allah.
MuhitمحيطEncompassing, ocean.
MuhiyuddinمهيدينReviver of the religion (Islam)
MuhrizمحرزObtainer, winner, earner
MuhsinمحسنBeneficient, charitable
MuhtadمهتدRightly Guided
MuhtadiمهتديRightly guided
MuhtadyمهتديRightly guided
MuhtashimمحتشمOne has many followers
MuhyiمحييOne who gives life, reviver.
Muhyi al dinReviver of the faith
MuhyialdinمهيلدنReviver of the faith

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