Muslim boys names starting with b


Find all the Muslims Islamic Names with meanings for boys Alphabet beginning from ' b '


Bahiyud dinRadiant
BahiyudeenبحيضThe magnificent of the Faith
BahiyyبحييMagnificence of the faith
BahjatبهجةSplendours, pl. of Bahjah
BahramباهرامMars, a king.
BahzباهزName of bin Hakeem
BaidبايدAnother name for God, away, distant
BaidarبيدرAttentive, Enlightened
BaisبايسOne of the ninety
BajalaبعجلةHonoured, venerated.
BakeetبقيتLover, paramour.
BakhitبخيتLucky, fortunate.
BakhshباخشGift, fortunate, give
BakhtباختLuck, fortune.
Bakht rawanRunning Luck.
BakhtariبخطرIbn Al-Mukhtar

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