Muslim girls names starting with Kh

Find all the Muslims Islamic Names with meanings for girls Alphabet beginning from ' Kh '

KhabiraخبيرةAware, knowing.
KhadeejaخديجةProphets first wife
Khadidjaخديدجاfirst wife of the prophet
KhadigaخديجةVariant transcription of KHADIJA
KhadijaخديجةThe first wife of the Prophet PBUH.
KhadijahخديجهFirst wife of the Prophet SAW
Khadijah khadeejaFirst wife of the Prophet
KhadraخضرةGreen, verdant.
KhailaكحيلةTo compete with pride.
KhairaخيراThe best, prime, top
KhairahخيرهGood, best, well, safe, adv. very well,Goodness, welfare, happiness, health.
KhairiyaخيريةCharity, benevolence
KhakshanخكشاThe milky way, galaxy
KhaleesahخالصهName of a Sahabiyyah(RA).
KhalidaخالدةPermanent, immortal
KhalidahخالدهAbiding, Forever
Khalidah khalidaImmortal, everlasting
KhalilaخليلاSweetheart, beloved

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