Muslim boys names starting with Ab


Find all the Muslims Islamic Names with meanings for boys Alphabet beginning from ' Ab '


AbrashأبراشSpotted, Speckled
AbrazابرازShow, unfolded divulged myst
AbreeqأبريقGlittering sword.
AbsarأبصرPl. of Basar, vision, sight.
AbsatأبسطWide, vast, spacious.
AbshamبشمA tree which has scent.
AbsiعبسيProbably from ABASA to frown
AbteenأبطنFather of Faridoon (a king).
AbthiعبثيOne who lives in Abtah, a place near Makkah
Abu al khayrOne who does good
Abu ayyubA well-known Sahabi
Abu bakrName of one of the Prophets companions
Abu dardaFamous Sahabi of Rasoolullah
Abu dawudAuthor of one of the Sahih Hadith
Abu hanifaFounder of the Hanafi school
Abu hurairahA great Sahabi who is the na
Abu huzaifahA famous Sahabi of Rasoolull
Abu isaFather of Isa.
Abu juhafaA Sahabi of the Holy Prophet

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