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The name Mubashshirah (Arabic writing : مباششرة) is a Muslim girls Names. The meaning of name Mubashshirah is " A bearer of glad tidings or good news. "

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Similar Muslim Names :

MubaarakahمباركهAuspicious, blessed, august, sacred, holy, happy, fortunate.
MubarakaمباركةBlessed, fortunate, lucky
MubasharaمباشرةBringer of good news.
MubashirahمباشرهBringer of good news
MubashsharaمباششراGiver of good news
MubashshirahمباششرةA bearer of glad tidings or good news.
MubassirahمبصرةOne who comments
MubeenahمبينهOne who makes something clear
MubinaمبيناClear, manifest, plain

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